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Wyatt and Melony

These two are Wyatt and Melony, a 7 year old brother and sister bonded pair of chiweenies! The black and tan one is Melony and the tan one is Wyatt. This is what the foster home has to say about them:
Wyatt & Melony are an extremely bonded (7years old or so)brother and sister duo. They eat, sleep and play side by side all the time. They are great little cuddle bugs that love hanging out on the couch with a blanket to curl up in. They are pretty well house trained. Love love love going for car rides and walks, but they do need to work on some leash manners. Melony is the boss of the two and little Wyatt looks to his sister for everything. Melony is more outgoing than her brother, but after a week or so little Wyatt is really coming around. Both dogs tend to get a little bossy around other dogs and would be great if they were the only dogs in the house or with understanding dogs. They have had to be reminded to be nice a few times and are slowly getting better as we have them around other dogs. They honestly are great little dogs and will make someone very happy. They are being fostered on Spruce Grove, AB.
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Stay tuned for the SAVE THE SAUSAGE DOG charity garage sale!!! Date & location TBA, please consider donating to a great cause that finds forever homes for homeless dachshunds. Email 
adrfundraisingcoordinator@gmail.com if you have any gently used or new items to sell for donations to this great cause ! If you aren't in Calgary, no worries email for detail on our virtual garage sale !
We still need donations to help us catch up from the many vet bills we have had in the last few months. Although we have very generous veterinarians that help us, the costs do add up. Any donations would be gratefully accepted to help us continue to help the dogs that need us! Donations can be made at the bottom of this page.

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About Us

Welcome to Alberta Dachshund Rescue. We are a group of dog lovers who focus their efforts on matching homeless dachshunds with families who will love them forever.

Many of the dogs coming into our care have been abandoned or otherwise mistreated. Some of them have been malnourished or have serious health issues. Others have — for good reason — developed a mistrust of humans. We provide veterinary care to bring them back to health and behavioral therapy to restore their faith in people before we offer them for adoption.

 We are a not-for-profit organization and have no paid employees. The funds; which come from donations, fund raising activities, and our modest adoption fee, are all expended directly on the dogs.

All the dogs offered for adoption have: been spayed/neutered; received all their vaccinations; had medical/dental issues addressed; received behavioral assessment/modification as required. If there are ongoing health or behavioral issues, these will be discussed with anyone interested in adopting the animal before adoption.

We always welcome more volunteers.  We can use volunteers from anywhere. If you'd like to help us rehome these little dogs, please email us. We'll send you a list of the things we need done in your area. Our most pressing need is for foster homes. Although we have kennel facilities available, we prefer to have the dogs that are awaiting adoption live with families. 

 We can guarantee is that adopting a homeless dachshund will bring immeasurable enrichment to your life. Thank you for considering  it!





 Thank you to all who have volunteered to foster; we are still looking for more foster homes so keep sending in those applications.  Keep watching for new dogs. We will post dogs that are looking for foster homes.


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Note 100% of all proceeds go directly back to the dogs.  We are stricly non-profit. There are no paid employees in ADR. It is  run by volunteers who are volunteering their time to help the dachshunds that need them.  All members, foster homes, board members, transporters etc. are 100% volunteer. 

We now have Charitable Status so we are able to provide receipts for donations over $10. Please let us know if you would like a receipt. ADR's Charity Registration # 81659 8064 RR0001

Thank you for your donation.

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