Sweetie needs your help



Update on Sweetie:
Sweetie is doing well. She was in heat but seems to be over it now. We plan to have her spayed within a few weeks once all her hormones are back to normal. Her teeth are doing okay although the flaps over the holes from the canines being pulled did fail. The vet is not really too worried about the mammary tumours as they are quite small and she is fairly elderly!! We may have someone who may be willing to take her into their home once she is spayed. We are hoping this will work out well for her. She is a very sweet dog and easy to have around.

Thank-you for all the donations that have come in for both Sweetie and Gunther!

This is Sweetie. She came to us from Edmonton Animal Control. She lives up to her name for sure. Sweetie is somewhere between 8- 12 years old and was abandoned with terrible dental problems, mammary tumours and needing to be spayed among other things. She has had a major dental done already which involved pulling 3 of her canines as well as some other smaller teeth. She is still not out of the woods with her teeth and may need more work. She also needs the mammary tumours to be removed as well as to be spayed. We are asking for donations for Sweetie to help with the cost of all these vet visits. If you are able to help, you can go to the bottom of this page and click on the donation button. Thank-you.

Help needed for Gunther



Gunther Needs Your Help
Update on Gunther: 

It turns out that Gunther has a double cruciate injury. We are now looking into options for surgery. This surgery will actually be more expensive than what we originally thought but we are looking for options closer to home for Gunther.

Gunther is going for a cat scan next week so the vet can see how things are and what needs to be done. This will be done at a Guardian Vet Clinic in Edmonton. We have received many donations to help with his treatment but are still accepting donations. Thank-you to all who have donated already!!

The following is from our latest newsletter.

In this issue, it is our sad duty to inform you that a nine-year-old girl and a tiny cat face losing their best friend.

Gunther came to ADR from a foster home that was the 7th residence in his short life. This incredible string of relocations was due to misunderstandings and abuse.

When Sheri took him in, he was 20lbs underweight (that’s one- third of his ideal body weight), unwilling to eat, and would throw up if left alone. (Conversation with previous fosters had indicated a history of seizures, but he hasn’t had one since being with Sheri.) Also, he would get violently stressed when left alone, would attack any dog he saw, hump humans as a stress reaction, and would run away when scared (which was every day for about a year)

Although we don’t know the details of his history, it’s obvious that this guy has been through more than one dog can be expected to take. Upon arrival at Sheri’s, he was so depressed that it took her a month to get him to eat food that was not offered from her hand. Even then, he wouldn’t eat unless she was there.

Today — 2 years later — he is a different dog; he has adjusted and become (somewhat) normal. He no longer humps people, settles much quicker with visitors in the house, and has made friends. He now plays with Sheri’s coonhound, tolerates their dachshund, and has fallen in love with the kitten, Nermal. Nermal is a cornish rex kitten who came to them as a tiny thing that could curl up in the palm of your hand. Gunther instantly took a shine to him. This huge dog is so cute as he constantly watches over this tiny ball of fur like a mother hen.

Gunther also sleeps with Sheri’s daughter every night. She is 9 and has a fear of the dark. Since Gunther also dislikes the dark, they have become each other’s security blanket. He tucks right in, under the covers, beside her. Gunther is very sweet now, very loving, and deserves a chance to live without pain.

His back end has always been weak and painful, so he was treated with acupuncture and chiropractic. After x-rays, one vet told Sheri Gunther could not be helped as it appeared that a kick had broken his back at some time in the past.Upon reviewing further x-rays, a surgeon has now opined that surgery could help. If surgery is not done, Gunther will eventually lose the use of his back legs and, most likely, his life. So, Sheri’s daughter and Nermal are in danger of losing their bestest buddy.

Since Gunther cannot be expected to take the stress of another change, he has become a permanent ADR foster with Sheri. Helping him will cost about $3500. An amount like that puts us in the all-too-frequent conundrum of weighing the cost of helping a single dog when the amount could help many other dogs. The ADR executive has agreed to foot half the cost if we can raise the other $1750 via a designated “Gunther Fund.”

If you can find it in your heart to help Gunther (and his friends), with $5 $10 $20 (or whatever you can afford) this surgery will help relieve his pain. Will you help Sheri help Gunther?

You can help Gunther (and Cora and Nermal) by using either of the buttons below which are located on the bottom of our website's home page. Or, you can donate directly – just make certain that Gunther is mentioned with the gift.




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Available for Adoption


Max and Buddy

These two are Buddy and Max. Buddy is on the left and Max on the right. They are a very bonded pair of Dachshund/ Lab/ Rottweiler crosses. They are 8.5 year old and are looking for a forever home. They are 35-40 lbs so a good size! They do have the long body and short legs of the dachshunds. They are crate trained, house broken, doggie door trained and love their walks. They are very affectionate and bonded to each other so must go as a pair. They are being fostered near Pine Lake, AB. For info about adoption contact info@albertadachshundrescue.com
We still need donations to help us catch up from the many vet bills we have had in the last few months. Although we have very generous veterinarians that help us, the costs do add up. Any donations would be gratefully accepted to help us continue to help the dogs that need us! Donations can be made at the bottom of this page.

There are no upcoming events right now.

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Welcome to Alberta Dachshund Rescue. We are a group of dog lovers who focus their efforts on matching homeless dachshunds with families who will love them forever.

Many of the dogs coming into our care have been abandoned or otherwise mistreated. Some of them have been malnourished or have serious health issues. Others have — for good reason — developed a mistrust of humans. We provide veterinary care to bring them back to health and behavioral therapy to restore their faith in people before we offer them for adoption.

 We are a not-for-profit organization and have no paid employees. The funds; which come from donations, fund raising activities, and our modest adoption fee, are all expended directly on the dogs.

All the dogs offered for adoption have: been spayed/neutered; received all their vaccinations; had medical/dental issues addressed; received behavioral assessment/modification as required. If there are ongoing health or behavioral issues, these will be discussed with anyone interested in adopting the animal before adoption.

We always welcome more volunteers.  We can use volunteers from anywhere. If you'd like to help us rehome these little dogs, please email us. We'll send you a list of the things we need done in your area. Our most pressing need is for foster homes. Although we have kennel facilities available, we prefer to have the dogs that are awaiting adoption live with families. 

 We can guarantee is that adopting a homeless dachshund will bring immeasurable enrichment to your life. Thank you for considering  it!





 Thank you to all who have volunteered to foster; we are still looking for more foster homes so keep sending in those applications.  Keep watching for new dogs. We will post dogs that are looking for foster homes.


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